Successful Management: Essential Tools for Your Company to Grow!

  Managing a business isn’t a simple task. However, companies have, nowadays, a set of technological solutions and tools that allows them to manage each department in a more complete, informed and agile way. In this article, we’ll show you some features that your business needs to grow and succeed. We will demonstrate which are […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – New Release

Recently, it was launched a new version of ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. This version brings to their clients two major features:  Bring back together the best of two worlds: the integration of ERP with other Microsoft solutions as: Power BI to optimize analysis and reporting, Microsoft Flow to simplify processes and Office 365 to improve productivity […]

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Power BI – New Releases February 2017

A set of features was released this month in the BI reporting tool. Check out the updated list below: Report view Word wrap on matrix row headers X- and Y-axis font size control Cartesian chart minimum category width Line chart line thickness and join type controls Analytics 2 new Quick Calcs: Percent of row total […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Verify VAT Registration Numbers

VAT registration number validation is more important than ever because, nowadays, we see companies opening and closing as never seen before. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you the functionality “VAT Registration Numbers Verify” that allows you a quickly and efficient validation. Verify VAT Registration Numbers is available since NAV 2015, but only for companies that are […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Data Upgrade

With the release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 you need to analyze the possibility of data migration at your clients. It turns up some questions that you should clarify, such as: From which versions can we directly upgrade to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017? Which are the minimum […]

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Ebook: How to explore all synergies between ERP and CRM?

Create closer relations with your clients In a competitive business world, it becomes difficult to follow all trends and client needs. However, with the advancement of technology comes simplicity. Now you can follow closely all news, from taxes to the latest technology trend.     Looking for software that fits your business needs? Can’t find […]

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ERP or CRM: which is the most suitable software for your business?

  There are some software Solutions, as ERP and CRM, that are essential for the success of any kind of business. They are helpful when you need to manage your company resources. In this article we intend to focus in these two solutions, with different goals, functions and proposes, because we know that many doubts […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Comparison Tool

The continuous IT systems upgrades are crucial to guarantee the full access to new and improvement functionalities, to rapidly get information about new legal requirements, to provide productivity… Select the following link to verify ERP Dynamics NAV exchanges, as also to compare different software versions: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Comparison Tool  

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