Business Intelligence: 6 Advantages for your Company!

Business intelligence  

Business Intelligence emerged in the 1980s and its main goal was to support the organization decision-makers. It’s a set of methods that allow you to organize, compile, analyze and get consistent data. It allows managers to make decisions more assertively, regarding strategic and operation departments, with competitive advantages for their organizations.

Before the appearance and consolidation of Business Intelligence, systems available in companies weren’t sized to organize and generate strategical data. Data was stored in several databases, often with no connection between them. Decisions were take based in managers experience.

Information technologies evolution were crucial for Business Intelligence solutions. Companies have been buying these solutions to became more competitive. As this software allows to aggregate data from many sources, you can have a global perspective about your business.

A Business Intelligence solution will allow your organization to know how the company positions itself in the market, analyze new solutions and new segments, improving and controlling internal processes, making decisions and measure their impact.


Business Intelligence – Software Benefits:


Check out 6 advantages for you to buy this solution.


1. Increase effectiveness in the way you organize information


This is one of the biggest advantages of Business Intelligence. It allows you to integrate and export data from many sources, in an organized way.

It’s a huge plus for your company because it will increase effectiveness and time management for your employees. This type of solution is supported by a centralized data base that contains all company internal procedures, allowing you to export reliable and real data.


2. Simplicity when you cross data


How many times an employee analyze a set of information from many departments that seems that aren’t related to each other, making it difficult to manage time and quality of response? 

The simplicity on getting and relating data with a Business Intelligence solution, allows you to increase company efficiency, because you use rigorous criteria.


3. Business global overview in real time


Market Globalization, the demanding and competitivity oblige companies to have all information in real time. Clients are more rigorous and quick decisions are necessary because, nowadays, business happens faster. These assumptions lead companies to look for Business Intelligence as a solution. These solutions provide tools to analyze business performance anytime, with high level of detail and easy to understand.


4. Data displayed in reports


Business Intelligence solution provide a lot of tools. It allows you to analyze a huge set of data in graphs, facilitating data perception. Manager can analyze data from Dashboard with a set of graphs and indicators. With this tool manager identifies quickly problems, trends and standards. A Dashboard is a tool used to visualize all information about the company, allowing you to get a global view about your business actual situation.


5. Current costs of the organization


The ability to get reliable data about current costs of your business departments is also one of the advantages of a Business Intelligence solution. This type of solution can, for example, give you a broader view of manufacturing costs and increase the capacity to make changes for greater profitability.


6. Investment return


Business Intelligence provides a lot of benefits for all companies. The reorganization of processes and promoting decisions taken are a strategic value for business. The return on investment is notorious because you have reliable information in real time. This will make difference in the decision making, optimizing results, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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