CRM: 5 Reasons for your Company Choose Dynamics 365 for Sales!



CRM – Customer Relationship Management is one of the software’s more suitable to manage customers. Until recently, the success of any organization was measurable by the visibility of the brand and its influence on the markets. However, the concept has changed. To have a successful company, it’s mandatory to focus on these three fundamental vectors: the quality of provided services, the value of employees and customer service.

Implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales will help your business to move forward, through a modern and intelligent cloud. Nowadays, customers want quick access to all the information and have high expectations regarding the market.

Transform relationships in revenues through a CRM software. This allows you to understand better your customer needs and interact more efficiently, empowering your business closing with success.


CRM: 5 Benefits while using Dynamics 365 for Sales – The transformation starts here!


1. Sell smarter with embedded intelligence


By integrating embedded intelligence, you will be allowed to receive recommendations at each stage of the sales process. Through a unified classification of relationships, you will be able to prioritize clients by status of relationship, risk and what’s the next ideal action. With all information provided by social networks, you also can capture feelings and threats and keep up with the market.


2. Foster relationships through genuine and personal interactions


By investing in a CRM solution, you will be able to locate and contact the ideal customers, with most likely business closure. You can also develop many actions to promote sales. Through insights focused on your potential client needs, you will increase confidence in your company. Alerts and reminders will strengthen your relationship with your target audience. Additionally, you can create customized content, considering the customer, through the tools of Office 365.


3. Productivity and revenue by implementing best practices


Sales process oriented and based on best practices will increase productivity and your company revenue. One of the benefits of investing in CRM software is the possibility of total mobility in sales.

With mobile component, your team can sell anywhere and anytime. Manage relationships will be effective by visualizing all interactions, opportunities, incidents and other relevant information. You can also integrate Office 365 and LinkedIn data with Dynamics 365 for Sales.


4. Better performance over sales


Get immediate visibility over sales performance with real-time dashboards. Dynamics 365 for Sales will allow you to interact easily with your employees, providing interactive documentation. This will define business processes and sales behaviors, that will be shared and applied by everyone in the company. Achieve sales efficiency by setting goals, monitoring results an orienting tour team, in real-time.


5. Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform


Dynamics 365 for Sales is a software easy to customize and interact with other existing applications and services. CRM also adapts to any company business process. With a powerful embedded intelligence, you will see transformation in your business through insights provided by the application. You will be able to analyze large amounts of data and guide your sales team to conquer de proposed goals.


With Dynamics 365 for Sales, you will follow digital transformation and adapt the way you interact with your customers, increasing revenues and sales productivity. Automating sales process and mobile will allow you to visualize sales performance, identifying new markets and trends. The capability to monitor, in real-time, relationships status and a proactive customer satisfaction control will bring you higher customer retention rate.

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