To CRM: 7 Reasons for your Company invest in this software


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution that allows any company to determinate strategies based on customer needs. In one only platform, aggregates all contacts and associated follow-ups. CRM it’s a powerful tool for interaction between customers and the organization.

The big question for any manager is to know which return you can get by investing in this kind of technology as a solution. Invest in CRM brings value added for any company.

It allows you to optimize processes, minimize human error and improve customer service, increasing customer satisfaction. With this type of software, your human resources have time to perform other tasks, improving productivity and increasing sales.

Companies that operate in communication, banking and information technology are the ones that invest more in customer relationship management solutions. However, with features such as schedule control, tasks management e visits, sales and meetings reports, CRM can be implemented in any type of company.


7 Benefits of CRM solution for any company

  1. Allows collaborators to post all information related to potential or effective customers, in the same platform. Data will be store in one database and each user can access to follow up all processes. Centralization avoids information losses that occur when you have information spread in different tools.
  2. Helps on identification of the best business opportunities, regarding the effort dedicated to sales. A CRM investment guarantees to your company a global view of each contract and provides a set of indicators that will support you with customer communication.
  3. Automates marketing actions for collect new customers and provides tools for sales department to close more businesses opportunities in less time. Obtain data in real time will make your organization better than your competitors. It’s imperative to implement this kind of solutions when you’re facing with fast-growing. The overload of information in sales and marketing departments is such, that without CRM, you may lose great business opportunities over time.
  4. It provides a centralized system that optimize all effort and time spent compiling e-mails, when you attempt to contact a potential client, and when you manage different states for each possible business. Minimize errors is a significant contribution from CRM solutions.

Why should your Company invest in a CRM solution? Other benefits:

  1. Aggregates several players in sales process. The access to budgets, information about adjudications, delivers and to service invoice, allows tour collaborators to monitor all sales.
  2. Provide vendors with tools that allow task automation and communication with customers. For example, sending emails after certain actions and monitoring annual results, comparing them with goals set by your company.
  1. Gathers information from all businesses and gives to managers the ability to check new opportunities in different market segments.

Before investing in a CRM, it’s important that your company validates if their internal processes are consolidated. A Customer Relationship Management solution may involve some changes in procedures, in terms of cost-benefit ratio.

CRM should be seen as a long-term solution. One thing we know for sure: profits, while doing business, will outweigh the investment.

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