CRM: Customer Service with Excellence using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service  



CRM – Customer Relationship Manager is an essential software to optimize customer management in all companies. Nowadays, it’s mandatory that all organizations guarantee a customer service with excellence. Market perspectives have changed. Relations stablished with customers and support service became the keys to evaluate the success of any company.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service implementation will help you to retain customers, through a modern and intelligent cloud application. CRM will guarantee customer expectations.

This application will provide immediate access to all information. Get customers for a life time using this software, providing a faster and customize service. Add value to all interactions between your company and customer.


CRM: 4 Benefits while using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service


Find out how CRM can help your company having a customer service with excellence. Check all benefits of using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.


1. Customer interactions on any channel or device


Artificial Intelligence will allow you to automate resolution tasks and consult the availability of your agents. Promote user-friendly support experiences to your customers. Provide autonomy for your customers when they need to consult simple answers, through a self-service guide (portal).

Using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, you will be able to forward incidents from any channel to the most suitable agent. This will ensure maximum resolution efficiency. It can also prevent future problems, through a preventive maintenance, keeping customers satisfaction.


2. Quick Customer service and customized


CRM software implementation will allow your agents to respond effectively to customer expectations, using intelligent processes that will guide them to the ideal action and intervention. A global overview will bring you benefits when you interact with your customer.

You will be able to anticipate customer needs and customize all existent interactions. This will increase your agent productivity. You will be able to catch revenue opportunities, through targeted recommendations that promote upsell or cross-sell.


3. Continuous improvement and reduce costs on customer service


Learning with customers through surveys, forums and comments on social networks will improve, significantly, your customer service. An easy support model should be applied by optimizing and allocating resources based on channel popularity, highlighted problems and required competencies.

A focused analysis of operations, customer contacts and business critical data, as well as the promotion of ideal behaviors, will enhance a service of excellence.


4. Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform


Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an application very easy to customize and to connect to other services or applications. Besides that, it can easily adapt to your business processes.

This software allows you to access to a large amount of information, through artificial intelligence. This innovative feature will be essential for your company. It will allow you too quickly cross and obtain data to guide the customer support team and achieve the established goals.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a CRM software that will improve customer experience with support service. You will be able to retain customers with an easy-to-use support.

Implementing this software means improvements on your revenues. Customer service will become a revenue-generating center.

Automatization when analyzing data and information will allow your customers to resolve their problems, by themselves. This way, you will improve your agent productivity, reducing costs of support services.




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