CRM: Be a Leader in Efficiency with the Dynamics 365 for Field Service!


CRM – Customer Relationship Management isn’t just a sales software. It’s the most suitable software to improve any company’s relationship with customers, whatever is the management process implemented. Over several years, the paradigm of success has been defined by the strength of a brand positioning on the market. Nowadays, to be a successful company you must focus on quality and improve your relationship with customers. Therefore, ensuring an effective intervention on field is crucial to promote the quality of all services, specially customer service.

Implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service will enable you to have innovation at your company and a proactive field service, through data analysis and solving problems, before they really happen. This software will reduce operational costs and allow you to bring unique experiences to your customers, when contacting with you field service team, keeping all information centralized and accessible to all company.


Dynamics 365 for Field Service – Leadership in the field service, through CRM


There are some features of Dynamics 365 field Service that optimize, significantly, your behavior on the field. Check out some of the advantages of this CRM software:


1. Resources optimization


Achieve automation and scheduling improvements with by intervention before the appearing of any problem. You will be able to send the most appropriate technician, making the most of your resources. CRM provides an interactive scheduling dashboard, with a direct view of resource allocation to work orders. Using Field Service application, you may synchronize e monitor your inventory, increasing resolution rates.


2. Increase the effectiveness of your technical resources


Allow your technical resources to have a global view of customers, providing all the orientations they need, in real time, so they can earn customer trust and reduce resolution rate. Implementing this CRM software will ensure that your team comply time schedule, through the best route, directions and updated information of work orders.

You may, additionally, share information about customer schedules and their preferences. You will also be able to create new levels of productivity and increase the efficiency of your field team. The use of mobile application will allow your resources to have information about the work order, recorded in real-time.


3. Provide better results with Internet of Things


Through LoT, detect and diagnose problems before the customer realizes that they are happening. The automatic creation of work orders and resources scheduling will achieve customer satisfaction. Besides that, the application will allow you to do a predictive and just-in-time maintenance. You may send a technical resource only when necessary, making your team as efficient as possible.


4. Promote a dynamic interaction with customers


Create portals for your customers, always updated and with continuous technical monitoring. Sharing of proposals, contracts, schedules, the immediate location of the technicians and automatic reminders about the commitments will lead to improve transparency, as well trust and customer satisfaction.


5. Innovate with an adaptable and modern platform


The main advantage of this software is the possibility of customization. Besides that, you may integrate it with other applications that you already use and adapt it to your own business. CRM has a strong presence of Artificial Intelligence, that allows you to get essential insights to improve procedures of your company. In addition, you will be able to analyze a huge amount of data and optimize your field team performance.

Dynamics 365 Field Service will change and improve customer experience, keeping you updated about and during each intervention. The automation and data analysis will provide a predictive maintenance, increasing the productivity of technical resources.

By increasing customer satisfaction and with the transformation to a proactive model, company’s revenue will grow sustainably. Through this CRM, achieve maximum optimization of operations on the field, increasing profitability and optimizing schedules.


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