ERP: 10 Reasons Why you Should Implement Dynamics NAV



ERPEnterprise Resource Planning – is a management software suitable for all companies, whatever their size. It has the capability of centralize all data from different departments into a single system. This software makes it easier to access and share information and supports the decision-making process.

The implementation of an ERP allows the data unification and protection, the automation of processes and reports and, also, information management in a fully integrated system, among other features. The implementation of a management software will make your daily operations and planning faster and easier.

Microsoft ERP system, Dynamics NAV, is a management solution that enables your company to present business growth. It can reduce costs and transform your work method, providing increases in profitability and productivity of the company. It’s a flexible software that is a powerful management tool, adaptable to the size of any company and type of business.


10 Benefits of implementing ERP Dynamics NAV


1. Reduced costs with Information Systems


One of the main reasons for implementing an ERP is to reduce costs in Information Systems and, at the same time, maximize the efficiency of an organization. With a single management software, expenses related to user’s training, support, infrastructures, maintenance and licensing, reduce considerably.

Nowadays, an ERP can respond to several departments of a company, such as:

  • Financial Management and Cash Management;
  • Accounting;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Purchases;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Warehouse management;
  • Jobs and Resource Planning;
  • Customer Service.

2. Total transparency


ERP enables your company to have full access and visibility to from all implemented processes. It allows that monitoring and reporting are easier and immediate. Having all the information centralized in a single database allows greater collaboration between departments and a streamlined accomplish of all tasks. Thus, all processes are tracked with maximum efficiency and decision-making is more successful.


3. Reporting and planning improvements


Implementing an ERP, as the main data source, allows you to create customized reports and analyzes to support you in planning and decision-making. This application, besides guarantee all legal requirements, provides several reports for each department of the organization.

Dynamics NAV is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is a business analytic tool that provides insight across the organization. It also enables access to a large amount of data and ad-hoc analysis. Thus, you can produce simplified reports about the business area that you want to analyze. You can also publish them on the web or give access to your view through mobile devices.

The creation of dashboards can be customized and it’s possible to have a complete overview of the company’s business. Using Power BI will allow your team to:

  • Create and share complete and interactive business analysis reports that will support your decision-making;
  • Keep updated on what’s happening, through the ability to see dashboards on web or mobile devices, in real time, being possible to receive alerts when changes are verified;
  • Simplify business management, ensuring data security and enabling employees to visualize the insights needed to achieve greater efficiency, when performing their duties.

4. Full customization


Each company is unique. An important decision when selecting an ERP is the ability of the software to adapt to any business and also to all specific requirements of each organization.

NAV is a totally customizable solution tailored for the customer. Several solutions are also available in the market and they are prepared to respond to specific business and needs, which can be integrated into Dynamics NAV.


5. Cloud or On-premise


There is flexibility for the customer, when choosing ERP implementation, by choosing between on-premise or cloud. If you choose on-premise, the software is purchased and installed on the company server. If you opt for the system in the cloud, it will be entirely managed by the provider and will be accessible, for example, through a web browser.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, provides the following options for the customer:

  • On-premise – Total flexibility for customization, autonomy and management, performed by the customer;
  • Cloud – Available in a short period of time, with automatic and guaranteed updates and without initial costs for the customer.

6. Increased efficiency


Besides the reduction of all costs with information systems and training, a company that implement ERP will reduce the time spent with daily-tasks. This management software will help your company to implement processes with the best management practices. Dynamics NAV can also eliminate manual processes and duplicated tasks.


7. Customer Service


All company customers also take benefits of using ERP software, even though they are unaware of it. Customer information is centralized in a single database and sales team can focus on creating and maintaining a relationship a that responds to each customer needs.

The goal of any company is to collect and retain a customer. With the use of an ERP it’s possible to achieve an assertive interaction.


8. More security and improvements in data quality


Another benefit of having an ERP system is related to data security. Sharing information between departments improves collaboration in the company. With ERP you can control who can view and edit data. You can implement routines that allow you to guarantee data accuracy, consistency and security. In addition, it will achieve an unmatched quality improvement, reducing almost the entire probability of errors occurring.

Data with credibility gives you all confidence and support in decision-making. Access to information, updated in real time and anywhere, can be done through mobile devices.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since May 25, 2018. The availability of support features to partners and customers, which ensure compliance with the regulation, allows the companies:

  • Identify personal data saved and where it’s stored;
  • Manage the use and access to this type of information;
  • Define control and security mechanisms to prevent, detect and respond to potential defaults;
  • Report failures and keep all necessary documentation up to date and available.

9. Process automation and implementation


ERP is developed based on the best business practices and in the implementation of processes that lead to the success of a company, through improvements in productivity and efficiency. Processes automation allows a total synergy between departments, reducing duplication of tasks and probability of errors.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a Workflows tool that enables process structuring with standards. Thus, you can implement best business practices. NAV provides basic Workflows templates for different departments of an organization, allowing you to obtain:

  • Approval, by decision made for a certain employee;
  • Notification, communicating to users some events or actions that need to be implemented;
  • Automatic processes, through the execution of a routine in Dynamics NAV that makes calculations or triggers actions.

In addition, Dynamics NAV has a fully integration with Microsoft Flow. This synergy allows you to create automated workflows for notifications, file synchronization and data collection, among others.


10. Improvements in inventory management and production


For companies with physical inventories and manufacturing, the use of ERP will guarantee management with maximum efficiency. This is possible because it enables demand forecasting, inventory management, timely ordering of manufacturing orders and orders for raw materials.

Easier and faster inventory management allows the organization to reduce costs. This is due to more efficient manufacturing, which gives the company more time to focus on creating and launching new products. In addition, you can improve profitability and performance by optimizing optimal stock levels management.

The guarantee of continued success of a business means having visibility into the future. The absence of proper planning and obstacles to a company’s growth can be avoid with an ERP.

This software monitors the growth of your company, regardless of size and business area. It supports you when entering in new markets, creating new departments and launching new products. Thus, it can be the beginning for the expansion and internationalization of any organization.

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