ERP: 6 Benefits of this Software in Project Management!



ERP is often used in project management. However, some organizations are still unaware of its effectiveness. When we mention about the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we are referring to a solution that integrates all company data into a single system.

It’s a software that embraces functions such as accounting, stock management, human resources and other departments of any company, with a high level of parameterization and development. It’s, therefore, an efficient solution for a better project management within organizations.

ERP is a software based on a centralized database and has a consistent interface that includes all areas concerned to project management. It promotes, effectively, share of information between different departments and, therefore, brings many benefits to companies.


6 Benefits of using ERP in Project Management

  1. Project managers have access to centralized and real-time information. Thus, decisions may be taken quickly and assertively, minimizing the operational costs and errors that can occur when management is made over different software, without any connection.
  1. ERP enables multiple access by users, flexibility and better information management. You can define procedures and times for the execution of each task, as well the resource allocation.
  1. The information posted in the system can be used by other departments of the company. Imagine that invoicing a project depends on the percentage of execution of each task. ERP software can, without human intervention, create alerts for the financial department to post invoices when a certain amount is reached in the execution of the project.
  1. Allows easier communication between the stakeholders (internal and external) of a specific project or company. Compiled information makes communication with the customer clearer and more accurate.
  1. Provides the possibility to define levels of access to information and to control the state of all projects, from the supervisor user, who has access to all data, to the user, who only post information, contributing to be possible to measure indices of each project.
  1. ERP system stores information about all company’s projects, over time. This provides a more efficient planning, based on the results achieved previously.

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For a suitable project management in your company, you should consider an ERP solution. The chosen software should provide a simple and organized interface and facilitate the recording of information, increasing efficiency and contributing to overall results of the organization.

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