Privacy Policy

1. Commitment

User’s privacy and personal data protection is a fundamental commitment to blink-iT. For the purposes of the following privacy policy, blink-iT will refer to blink-IT Solutions Unipessoal Lda.. blink-iT advises you to read the present privacy policy. This privacy policy has been drafted in a clear and simple way, to facilitate your interpretation, and for you to decide, in a free and voluntary way, whether you want to provide your personal data and, also, explain what kind of personal data blink-iT collects, through the interactions with you, and how these data is used.

2. Application Scope, Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

 The following Privacy Policy applies to all personal data of our users, customers, suppliers, candidates and other stakeholders. The person responsible for the collection and treatment of your personal data is blink-iT, providing you products and/or services and, in this context, deciding which data is collected, how data is treated, and for what purposes data is used. blink-iT has identified a Data Protection Officer (DPO), that monitors compliance of data processing with applicable standards, being the contact with the user to clarify questions regarding the treatment of your data, besides cooperating with the control authorities and providing information and advising the controller or the subcontractor about their obligations, regarding privacy and data protection.

3. Privacy Statement

 At blink-iT we care about the privacy of our clients and partners. All personal data information collected by the site will be for exclusive use of blink-iT. The data will not be transferred to third parties, without your explicit consent. The collection, use and processing of personal data through the website complies with the law of Personal data protection, n. 67/98, of 26 October. By accessing this site, the user agrees with the collection and use of information collected.

4. Cookies

Cookies are used to gather generic data, allowing users to have a faster and more efficient user browsing. By selecting settings in the browser, you can accept, refuse or delete cookies. However, disabling cookies may affect your web browsing.

blink-iT uses cookies to analyze the navigation of the website and allow you to have a browsing experience without problems; at no time, we collect personal data through cookies. Cookies will not be used for any other purpose other than those mentioned, in the previous point.

Cookies are small text files that a Web site, when visited by any user, places on your computer or on your mobile device, through the Internet (browser). This information is used to record the number of visits made and compile statistical information about the activity of the website. We use the term cookies, in the present policy, to refer to all the files that collect information for this purpose.


Types of Cookies, according to the entity that manages them:

  1. Own Cookies: cookies managed by this domain/website.
  2. Third Party Cookies: cookies managed by another domain/website.
  3. Persistent Cookies: cookies information is permanently stored in your device.
  4. Session Cookies: cookies information isn’t stored permanently in your device.

Types of Cookies, according to use purpose:

  1. Technical Cookies: cookies that allow you to navigate through a domain/website, using the different functionalities or services, such as identifying the session, accessing to restricted access screens and even making a purchase order.
  2. Customizable Cookies: cookies that allow you to navigate through a domain/website regarding the setting of some specifications as, for example, language selected.
  3. Analytical Cookies: cookies that allow monitoring and the analysis of user’s behavior on websites they are linked. The information collected through these cookies is used, for example, to measure the activity of the websites and define navigation profiles.
  4. Advertising Cookies: cookies that allow an efficient advertisement management, based on criteria such as edited content or the frequency ads are displayed.
  5. Behavioral Advertising Cookies: cookies that allow an efficient advertisement management; this type of cookies storage information about user’s behavior, observing their browsing habits, enabling to define a specific profile for a certain kind of commercials.

Cookies used by blink-iT:

blink-it develops its sites through the WordPress platform and only uses cookies provided by the platform. You may find them at the following website – https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Cookies

Use of cookies when opening our newsletters:

Our newsletters and landing Pages can, for statistical purposes, have a system for monitoring number of openings and clicks, which allows us to know if they are opened and check the number of clicks, through links on the newsletter.

Every user has the right to cancel, at any moment, newsletter subscription, received by email.

5. Contacts

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or about how blink-iT collects and treats your personal data, please contact us through the following email dpo-rgpd@blink-it.pt, or by sending a letter to Data Protection Officer (DPO), Rua Eng.º Ferreira Dias, – E311, 4100-247 Porto (Portugal).

6. Changes made to Privacy Policy

blink-iT reserves the right to update or change your privacy policy, at any time. The user should consult this policy regularly. Any changes will be published on our Website. Last update on May 22, 2018.