Secure Partnership at the Forefront of Technology: How to Create It?


A secure technology partnership is something that most companies are looking for. The reason is simple: technology is complex and constantly evolving. No one, not even Google (the largest company in the industry), has all components of each technology solution. Complexity of any product, from  Smartwatch to the infrastructure of the Cloud, is far greater than one company can handle.

Choosing the best technology partner for your company is a strategic decision that will have a long-term impact. For any entity, especially for a startup, this question becomes one of the most challenging: who should we associate with, when and why?

The technology moves very fast. Therefore, a viable partnership today may not satisfy your business needs tomorrow. Finding secure partners in cutting-edge technology is critical because the ultimate goal is to create a complex solution.

Most of the leading technology companies establish partnerships with others in the industry. Programs are usually designed to assist in the integration of complementary vendors whose products/services harmonize with a particular platform.

There are also partnership programs to help suppliers integrate with their competitors. The reason for these programs is that clients often use several different solutions and databases. The need for data integration between various solutions is very common in most business organizations.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Partnership

Currently, there are several suppliers and technologies capable of responding to the most varied needs of different sectors of activity. Choosing the right partner means going back to basics and understanding the fundamentals of business, customers, and technology.

1. Set clear goals and make a thoughtful decision

First, it is important to realize what you want to achieve with the partnership. So, your company needs to set business goals, vision and critical requirements.

Choosing the right partner, building successful partnerships, and managing the risks inherent in adding third parties to your ecosystem can be a formidable challenge. As a result, approaching a technology partnership requires careful planning throughout all stages of the process.

2. Manage expectations and share principles

Much of success depends on the starting point. The experiences that come from a relationship with a technology partner vary widely. It’s important to understand the difference between your company’s expectations and the internal capabilities of the selected technology partner.

The right partner will take into account a standardization of system planning. In addition, it will help in the development of the best solution for your company. In fact, successful partners share the same expectations regarding the quality, implementation and evolution of a technology solution.

3. Recognize the importance of successful partnerships

Overall, managers recognize the importance of working with secure partners at the forefront of technology. These are the ones that support the optimization of the processes implemented at the companies. For example, contact with customers, stock management, order control, shipments, production, marketing and accounting.

4. Understand the advantages for business

There are countless benefits of a secure partnership at the forefront of technology. First, because the partner is always up to date on the latest technology solutions. Secondly, you have an excellent adviser in the implementation of new solutions throughout the life cycle of the company.

Part of the success of this type of partners is to understand the branch of activity of their clients. These partners also study the set of solutions that suit best your needs. Keep in mind that specialized partners provide savings in resources, time, and costs.

5. Maintain proactive and intentional communication

Even if your values and expectations are aligned, your partnership will struggle if you do not prioritize communication. Partners should feel free to talk about any business-related matters, such as being willing to have difficult conversations. For example, weekly meetings is a key part of successful cooperationg in addition to conversations on daily basis. You will also be able to maintain high levels of trust for both parties, which means you can deal with any problems or unexpected changes quickly and effectively.

How to choose a secure partner at the forefront of technology?

A secure partner at the forefront of technology should:

  • Prove long-term relationships with his/her customers. The validation of the company’s experience, professional path and quality are key factors
  • Have skills and excellence in software development. This ensures that the final product is of the highest quality
  • Have a consolidated set of resources that can provide sufficient support to the users of the company;
  • Provide support throughout the solution cycle, from design to implementation in the production environment and post-development
  • Adapt new technology to your company. Note that the technological solution should be integrated with other systems in your organization and interact with different users
  • Understand the business and help find the best solution for the needs, always aligned with the company’s objectives
  • Provide testers that guarantee the quality of the product and that guide the client on how to conduct their own tests
  • Communicate in other languages. Means that project members have the skills to communicate effectively with the client, for example, in English
  • Have a low staff turnover. This means that the partner is concerned with maintaining healthy working environments, where professional growth, teamwork and ongoing training are promoted

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