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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: Know how to master your business

  Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies and tools that involve gathering, organizing, sharing and monitoring to make data analysis faster and efficient. The main goal is transform data in useful information that supports your company decisions. Given data volume and without methodologies and tools, the manager’s role will be very complicated. The evolution […]

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Business Intelligence: 6 Advantages for your Company!

  Business Intelligence emerged in the 1980s and its main goal was to support the organization decision-makers. It’s a set of methods that allow you to organize, compile, analyze and get consistent data. It allows managers to make decisions more assertively, regarding strategic and operation departments, with competitive advantages for their organizations. Before the appearance […]

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Power BI – New Releases February 2017

A set of features was released this month in the BI reporting tool. Check out the updated list below: Report view Word wrap on matrix row headers X- and Y-axis font size control Cartesian chart minimum category width Line chart line thickness and join type controls Analytics 2 new Quick Calcs: Percent of row total […]

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