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ERP: 10 Reasons Why you Should Implement Dynamics NAV

  ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – is a management software suitable for all companies, whatever their size. It has the capability of centralize all data from different departments into a single system. This software makes it easier to access and share information and supports the decision-making process. The implementation of an ERP allows the […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Verify VAT Registration Numbers

VAT registration number validation is more important than ever because, nowadays, we see companies opening and closing as never seen before. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you the functionality “VAT Registration Numbers Verify” that allows you a quickly and efficient validation. Verify VAT Registration Numbers is available since NAV 2015, but only for companies that are […]

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Comparison Tool

The continuous IT systems upgrades are crucial to guarantee the full access to new and improvement functionalities, to rapidly get information about new legal requirements, to provide productivity… Select the following link to verify ERP Dynamics NAV exchanges, as also to compare different software versions: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Comparison Tool  

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