Management Solutions


Regardless the size of a company, some issues may become big problems without the appropriate management solution (ERP). This solution allows you to control several departments within only one system: Finance, Sales and Marketing, Purchases, Warehouse, Service and Human Resources. This allows to avoid redundancy of operations, reducing the risk of error and permiting an access to all relevant information for decision-making.

With a solution that manages your relationship with your customers and other entities, you can increase your sales and control your opportunities pipeline and guarantee a better proximity with your client. This allows your sales, marketing and service teams integrate information, providing coordination and efficiency at work.

Assure the success of system implementation that allows you to expand your business and still be always updated about latest technological and legal news.

Explore new ERP and CRM management solutions in cloud that allow you to reduce costs and tailor your system’s capacity and requirements to the pace of your business.   

These are some of the issues you should be aware of in this type of projects.

You have several solutions available in the market and each has advantages and disadvantages, and is quite expensive. Which ERP and CRM management solutions are right for your business?

At blink- iT we support you, as your partner, in the selection and implementation of ERP and CRM management solutions. Our experience in IT projects allow you to save time, reduce costs, guarantee that your investment will have a return and also to fulfill current and future goals of your company.  

We guarantee:

Benefits [nearshore]

  • Competitiveness and Low-Prices
  • Geographical Proximity
  • No Language barrier – we speak English as our daily work language
  • Training, Education and Professional Qualifications
  • Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Projects (national and foreign)

Key Items

  • Simplify your business in one solution
  • Make smart and informed decisions
  • Eliminate redundant operations
  • Implement quickly and effectively
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