Consulting Services: blink-iT Internationalization with Hogrefe Group!


Consulting services and making partnerships when implementing information systems has been a strategy to growth at blink-iT. We support our experience in projects from different types of business and in our team knowledge, specialized and certified by Microsoft.

Choosing blink-iT as Microsoft Partner in Portugal for Hogrefe Group, to support ERP Dynamics NAV implementation, is result of all work that has been developed and the notoriety that we have been conquering. This project was the first internationalization of our company.


Hogrefe Group: the leading European scientific publisher


Hogrefe is the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry, and mental health in Europe. These core areas are supplemented by publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine. Originally founded in Göttingen, Germany, the Hogrefe publishing group today includes publishing companies located in 15 countries, in Europe, the USA, and Brazil, and employs around 360 people.

The independent, family-owned group’s print and digital publications include some 2,400 books for professionals, scientists, and students, with 200 new titles being released each year. 41 scientific and professional journals cover all of Hogrefe’s core subject areas. Uniquely, Hogrefe also publishes around 2,000 psychometric tests and innovative digital solutions, as well as offering a range of consultancy and training services for test users.


blink-iT as Microsoft Partner in Portugal


In order to implement a single management software, the subsidiary in Portugal was the first one in the group that implemented Dynamics NAV, already installed and in use at the headquarters in Germany.

Hogrefe Group, together with a German Microsoft Partner, chose blink-iT Solutions as the suitable Partner in Portugal to be part of this project and support all configuration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – PT location, ensuring that all legal requirements would be fulfilled.

Given the size of the group – and the selection of the Portuguese company to start this project – the success of this implementation had high importance for the group. The selection of blink-iT, as a Microsoft Partner, was based on our work and experience of our consultants. Sharing the same vision about organizational management, this decision was focused on our teamwork, creativity, personalization and high technical capacity, fulfilling the planning and deadlines.

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